Tapping Arpeggios with Pachelbel’s Canon (part 2)

Here’s the guitar transcription from ‘Part 2’ of my youtube video “Pachelbel’s Canon tapping“. This eight measure tablature transcription is from 0:15 – 0:25 on the video. Here we’ll explore two octave arpeggios in the tapping style along with a little string skipping. Each measure outlines it’s respective chord with the exception of the last two notes which can be considered pick up notes for the following chord.

Strategy: master one measure at a time while using a metronome. Begin with the first four notes (three on the high E string and one on the D string) and set the metronome tempo slow enough to play triplets (the first and fourth notes will line up with the metronome click). This must be performed cleanly and without string noise. To help reduce inherent string noise try using a string-dampening device (hair tie) like the one I use in the video.

Next, master the seven consecutive notes on the D string with the metronome. And finally, work to connect the two sections smoothly. Continue this process for the entire exercise.

See the pdf file attachment for a tablature transcription of this section.

Until next time keep those fingers flying!

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