Toccata #4 – Lesson on sweep picking and tapping

This cool little intro from a J. S. Bach piano piece called “Toccata #4” transposes wonderfully to electric guitar. Here the arrangement is slightly different from the original which appears in my Speed Metal book/cd (containing many other popular classical examples arranged for electric guitar). Begin the example with a down stroke and use strict alternate picking up to the arpeggio sweep in measure 5. The 2nd finger barre during the sweep could be a challenge to perform with clarity, so try rolling the 2nd finger in an upward motion as it barres across the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th strings. Next up is the tapping section (end of measure 5 and all of 6) where the 2nd finger on the tapping hand is employed. Using the 2nd finger for tapping allows the pick to remain in position between the index finger and thumb. This makes the transition from picking to tapping to picking more efficient. As with any long piece of music, learn and rehearse small sections first, then connect the small sections to form bigger chunks and so on. For the complete lesson visit TROY STETINA SERIES DIGITAL GUITAR MAGAZINE.

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